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Unibet football bettingUnibet is a football and sports betting website offered by a company that has been active for more than ten years, born thanks to the innovative ideas of two English friends, Andrew Black and Edward Wray. The novelty that Unibet has made in the field of online betting was the fact of joining two very different worlds, that of financial markets and betting, making it possible for anyone to place bets and freely sell shares without having to resort to a more professional figure, that of the bookmaker.

Nowadays the Unibet site is also used in Italy, because thanks to the AAMS license (specifically it is the government concession number 15211 for the remote exercise of public games) it is now legal also in our country.

Bonus 20 € – Unibet register now!
Those who decide to join Unibet often do so because they are attracted by bonuses and welcome promotions. Let’s see what they consist of and if it is really possible to get them without difficulty.

The betting site makes available to new members a rather unique, or at least rare, welcome offer of its kind: it is a total reimbursement of the first bet made, in case it is a loser.

It seems a marvel, it seems that it is possible to become overflowing without taking any risk, but it is not really so, because there are terms and conditions to pay attention to and a maximum reimbursement ceiling of a rather small amount!

First of all, this first welcome offer is reserved exclusively for new customers. For some it may seem obvious, but there are cases of people already registered who try to open a new account to take advantage of Unibet welcome promotions. This is certainly not a good idea, because all online betting sites make checks to counter these frauds in the bud. It is not forbidden to open a second account, after 15 days have passed since the closure of your previous account, but in this case you will not be able to take advantage of any Unibet bonus and welcome offer.

The maximum amount repayable through the aforementioned welcome offer, which on Unibet is called “Welcome Offer – Bigger Share” amounts to a maximum of € 10, an amount that often disappoints the bettors.

Then there are other conditions on the first bet: to win the bonus, in fact, the first thing to do when you subscribe to the site is to enter the code provided by the page or promotional banners through which you arrived at Unibet. After doing so, the bet must be placed on the market called the 1 × 2 Final Result on the team in promotion of the Unibet site share. The bet must be single pre-event and can not be of the Live type or on the Exchange.

Pay attention to the fact that for the promotion and the welcome bonus only the first bet will be considered valid, for a maximum amount of 10 €.

Then there is a second welcome promotion offered by Unibet to new customers. This is an Extra Bonus of up to € 50 to be obtained in the first 30 days following registration. To benefit from this, you will need to place bets of € 10 or more with a minimum odds of 1.50. Every 5 single bets placed, it will be possible to get a bonus of maximum 10 €. Zero bets will not be considered valid.

You can therefore understand that, in fact, you will have to spend a considerable amount of money to be able to get this Extra Bonus. Is it really worth it? You will have to decide this yourself.

The terms and conditions for obtaining these welcome bonuses do not stop there, but Unibet clearly explains them to your betting site, so you will not have a hard time reading them all.
One last but important thing to watch out for: those who make deposits with Moneybookers, Skrill and Neteller will be categorically excluded from all these welcome promotions

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